Promotions are Earned by hard working people.

Moderator/ Rollback

1. Must have visited chat from time to time.

2. Must have been on wiki for 2 weeks.

3. Must know how to speak English.

4. Must never have sworn.

5. Must have 100 namespace edits


1.You must have 650 or more namespace edits

2.Have at least 750 achivement points

3.Know basic HTML(ask RandomDude68 to help you he know a website that can help you)

4.Never sweared on this wiki.

5.Never bullied anyone on this wiki

6.Never had an argument with someone on this wiki.

7.Be kind

8.Help other users

9.Must be rollback already

Follow these 9 simple rules and be promoted today.


The admins will nominate 2 users every month and will vote who to promote

Who ever gets the most votes will be promoted